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Video Transmitter Circuit, FM VHF Adjustable #8

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FM Transmitter Circuit Breadboard

Video Transmitter Circuit LayoutVideo Transmitter Circuit and Schematic, screen viewVideo Transmitter Circuit board artworkVideo Transmitter Circuit Stripboard
A simple video transmitter circuit that can transmit as far as 50 meters, or 160 feet. This video transmitter circuit can be used with a camera or other video sources. The video transmissions from this unit can be received on a small Portable Tunable and battery operated TV set such as the ones you find in flea markets, etc.

You can view them on any VHF channel analog TV. Supply voltage to the video transmitter is a 9V battery. Transistor components that are used for a video transmitter is a BC548 or you can use another type of transistor such as a BF199. Most general RF transistors will work. Coil L1 is 5 Turns Of # 24 AWG Magnet wire airwound on a 3/8" drill bit.

A small piece of insulated flex wire of around 14 to 16 inches will work fine as the antenna. To determine the frequency, turn the trimmer capacitor 22 pf accordance with the frequency that you want. Credit for this circuit goes to electronics-diy.com. They did the circuit, I did the circuit board artwork, stripboard layout and also the breadboarded circuit. Enjoy, John
Video Transmitter Circuit


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