FM Transmitter Repeater Circuit

Micro FM 1.5 V - Transmitter Repeater Circuit

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FM Transmitter Circuit Breadboard
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This FM Transmitter repeater circuit, schematic diagram is adapted to rebroadcast the output of a cd player, television or radio receiver. When connected you can move about the house and listen to your favorite music, tv or radio show. It's signal is rebroadcasted to around 10 to 20 meters. Current drain is about 2.5 ma on a new battery. Credit for this circuit is given to They did the circuit. I provided all of it's circuit board artwork, breadboarded circuit and stripboard circuit layouts for you. Enjoy. John.
Real World
Enlarged View
Stripboard or Veroboard Layout

Artwork 1:1 - Regular and Minimum Etch. To Get The Artwork - Do a right click on your mouse and save the image.