FM 1.5 volt VFO Transmitter Circuit

Micro FM 1.5 volt VFO Transmitter Circuit

FM RF Transmitter circuit, VFOFM RF Transmitter circuit, VFO - Real World ViewFM Transmitter Circuit Layout - Screen View
Stripboard or Veroboard
FM Transmitter Circuit Breadboard - Circuit # 3
FM Transmitter Circuit # 3 ArtworkSpy Transmitter Circuit Artwork, minimum etch
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FM Transmitter Circuit # 3 Stripboard Layout

This is a 1.5V FM transmitter circuit diagram. This circuit can broadcast your voice around your house in the 88 to 108 MHz band. This circuit uses 1.5 volt DC battery, you can also use small 1.5V watch battery to power the circuit.

L1 is equal to 5 turns of 0.7mm enameled wire wound on a 3mm form. This wireless transmitter is able to transmit at a distance of 30 meters. Credit for this circuit is given to: I simply did all of the Layouts for you.

Real World
Enlarged View

Artwork 1:1 - Regular and Minimum Etch. To Get The Artwork - Do a right click on your mouse and save the image.

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