crystal controlled transmitter circuit, pro-033a

Crystal Controlled Transmitter Circuit
Pro-033A - 200 milliwatt RF Output

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fm transmitter circuit, xtal locked
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Learn How Don Shryock Made Millions Out Of This Circuit. Look for my book "Packaging and Repackaging For Law Enforcement Agencies" When You Click Into The Link Below
L1 and L2
L1 = 15 Turns # 26 Magnet Wire
L2 = 7 Turns # 26 Magnet Wire
Tight Turns Wound on A Digi-Key Electronics 3368k-ND Coil Form
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This crystal controlled transmitter circuit was manufactured and used in an early police in-car video system. Let me tell you the story behind it. For years I published electronic plans. I had a customer down in El Dorado, Arkansas by the name of Don Shryock. He bought everything I produced. Years ago he sent me a letter ( No Email Back Then ) that he was manufacturing a new IN-CAR video system for police cars.
He was mounting a camera on the front window, and a system in the trunk using a modified regency scanner that I had described in a newsletter – The Tech-2008 and would like to implement the Pro-033a crystal controlled transmitter circuit as his master transmitter to sell the system commercially. I gave him my approval without any royalties. Thus the Police IN-CAR Viper Video system was born from Shryock Communications.
He sold thousands of these systems to virtually every Police Department in America and more Federal Agencies that I can count. If you ever watched some of the earlier versions of “COPS”, this crystal controlled transmitter circuit was the one that was worn on the officers belt. When he got out of his patrol car, he switched on the transmitter which activated the system in the trunk of his patrol car. If you want to know more about how he put his system together, I have written a book on how he did it with much more called “Packaging and Repackaging For Law Enforcement Agencies” that you can purchase below, and just click into the link.
Don passed away a few years ago like many others in my craft, but the technology is still good and this crystal controlled transmitter circuit can be applied to modern day uses. I have scanned my originally functional prototype schematic and it is shown below. C1 and C2 and C3 are 2 to 22 Pf Adjustable Capacitors. The special Coil forms L1 and L2 shown are Digi-Key Electronics 3368k-ND Coil Forms Shown in the image below. Any fiber washers that you can find at Home Depot, etc. will work fine as long as they are the same size of the Digy-Key Washer. Enjoy, John