Electronic Surveillance Circuits,Diagrams and Schematics - By John S. Wilson Jr.

Electronic Surveillance Circuits By John S. Wilson Jr.
Electronics Design Engineer, Retired

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If You Have Read Any Of
The Books

   That are in the markets catered to
the electronic surveillance profession
by world renown authors - such as
Lee Lapin, Mick Tyner and many
others, You Will Recognize The Name
John S. Wilson Jr . for he appears in
many chapters in most of their books.
John S. Wilson Jr. - Electronic Surveillance Circuit Designer
   He is considered an Icon in the profession, legendary in the Law
Enforcement, Surveillance profession for over forty years, both in
the lab, in the engineering of electronic surveillance products, and at
the street level as a contract professional operative.
   In August 1992, As A Featured Speaker at Surveillance Expo in
Washington D.C., he stood before the Major Intelligence Agencies 
including Interpol, Irish, British, and Greek intelligence, the FBI and
the CIA, giving a two-hour seminar on the "Design and Defeat" of
electronic surveillance gear. In 1993, Soldier of Fortune magazine in
an article stated, he was a prolific Master Designer of Electronic
Surveillance Products, and well known in the gray areas where few
dare to tread.
   In one spook book that surfaced in the international markets in
the middle 90s, he was described as - "THE MOST DANGEROUS MAN
    John Is A Graduate of Indiana Tech in electronics, holds a Bachelors Degree in Law, Marketing, Business Administration, and is a graduate of the
Institute of Applied Science - having majored in the Forensic Law enforcement Sciences. Wilson is a licensed pilot, and a Vietnam Veteran, with a
confirmed 246 Combat Support Missions, assigned to the 633 Combat Support Group In Vietnam having been awarded the Air Medal, and Air Medal
With Oak leaf Clusters under executive order of the President of The United States. During His Lifetime he was employed in the main electronics
laboratory (engineering and calibration) of General Electric Corporation - Ft Wayne Indiana, Piper Aircraft In Vero Beach Florida and the Test Division
of Grumman Aircraft ( electronics Division ), Stuart Florida. His last employ in 1985 was as the Plant Manager of Infax Corporation in Madison,
Georgia that manufactured specialized computers, video terminals and custom electronics.

   He has designed hundreds of electronic surveillance products from the local to the State and the highest levels in the U.S. Government. Over the
years he has personally trained a host of Narcotics Squads, including Narcotic Joint Task Forces in a host of States, in the deployment and use of
clandestine electronic surveillance devices. John is credited as the Original Inventor - of many unusual and oldest devices ever conceived in the
profession, - including the Screw In Mouthpiece Transmitter, (Telephone) - The Original Sugar Cube Microphone, (As one author put it - The
Olive/Martini Microphone may have gotten the press - which never worked, but the Wilson Sugar Cube - " DID THE JOB. " John has produced
thousands of circuits in the Electronic Surveillance Area in the past 40 years. He is considered, by those in his profession - as one of the most
prolific Design Engineers in the field. It is a common, and well known fact, that many companies today - originally started, and continue to succeed,
with the engineering he has provided to them over the years. John, now at the age of 73, is still semi-active in the profession.
    Fifty Four Years Ago Radio License # 6F5061 was issued to one
of the youngest bona fide Police Officers, ever employed in the
State of Georgia by the Federal Communications Commission, John
S. Wilson Jr. at the age of 15. He is the son and grandson of two
well known southern Chiefs of Police. He spent over twenty years
as a Professional Licensed Investigator, and Street Operative -
holding State Licenses issued under 5 Secretaries of State,
including his native Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama, Florida and
Tennessee. John S. Wilson Jr., is As A Matter Of Record - "The First
Private Operative" Ever Issued A License In The State Of Alabama,
City Of Birmingham ( 1973 ) - under Chief Parsons, permit # 0001.
Credentials, John S. Wilson Jr. - Electronic Diagram and Circuit Engineer
John S. Wilson Jr. and G. Gordon Liddy
John S. Wilson Jr. Electronic Surveillance Engineer - Circuits, Schematics and Diagrams
The Credentials and Newspaper clippings
shown above Have been slightly distorted for
Wilsons own protection.
Over The years, Wilson has been a frequent
speaker and keynote speaker in Washington
and other major cities.
  Somewhere in South America 
Undisclosed for obvious reasons
Electronic Surveillance FM Transmitter and Audio Circuits from John S. Wilson Jr.