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A "Fantastic" New Website. Electronics Projects, From Concept to Creation. Design, Collaborate, and Share.
Content is completely user generated still, with new functionality focused on users being able to upload
their own projects, as well as comment, collaborate and share with others. projects centered around
Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Intel Edison, home automation and more.

German electronics and electrical engineering community of EEWeb.

This is Primarly a YouTube Site dedicated to Electronic Projects and Tutorials.
A Lot of "How To" Videos and interesting projects,Surveillance Related.
I have looked at thousands of these YouTube sites over the years.
This one qualifies as Number One, with over 10,000 Subscribers. Check it out.

Free electronic projects, schematics, diagrams, pcb, free electronic software
and hobbyist electronics resources, electronic community and much more.

You can find many electronics projects on this web site, in categories.

Whatever your interest in electronics, you'll find something here for you.

DIY electronics projects, circuit diagrams and schematics.

Just about everything and anything you are looking for in components, test equipment,
meters, solder equipment, breadboard. and you name it.

A website that focuses on the needs of engineers and a lot of great info.

largest collection of electronics and robotics in Brazil - Portuguese Website
Maior acervo de eletronica e robotica do Brasil.

DIY Electronics Projects, Circuits Diagrams, Hacks Mods, Gadgets and Gizmos