Infrared Detector Circuit

Infrared Detector Circuit

Assembly By Pete Zenner - Infrared Test Circuit
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Infrared Transmitter Circuits Tester - For Infrared Spy Circuits - IR12

Resistors: 1/4 Watt
R1 = 10K
R2 = 1 MEG
R3 = 15K
R4 = 2.2K
R5 = 10K Adjustable Pot  
Capacitors: - Disc Or Electrolytic (
Electrolytic Shown with +/- )  All Low
C1 = .1
C2 = .1
C3 = .001
C4 = 470 MFD
C5 = 47 MFD
Transistors: Digi-Key Electronics
Q1 = 2N3904
Q2 = 2N3904                            
Standard LM386N-1 Audio Chip. Place A Jumper Wire
Between Pins 2 and 4. The Pin Connections are indicated in
the Schematic
ON/OFF Switch:
Any, On / Off Switch Will Do - connecting the + side of the 9 volt
battery to the circuit
9 Volts D.C. The Positive Side Of The Battery Connects To The
On/Off Switch
Any Standard 8 Ohm Speaker ( Or Earphone if you wish ),
connecting to an earphone jack instead of a speaker.
D1 and D2:
1N4148 or 1N914 Diodes.
Any 50 Microamp meter
This is a standard Radio Shack Part # 276-145 Infrared receiver
diode. Test indicate that many other infrared diodes will work.

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infrared transmitter and receiver test circuit
Infrared "Voice" Transmitters is a clandestine - and "invisible - light beam" way of gathering intelligence without the use of RF Transmissions subject to interception. I have produced quite a few of these transmitters over the years and the Internet is full of simple Infrared voice transmitter circuits that this device can be use with to both test, and measure the results of anything you build in the Infrared spectrum.

Most of the transmitters I have produced functioned within a range of about 100 to 200 feet, without optics. Using optics in front of the receiver diode will enhance this device over hundreds of feet. This is the actual Infrared test and receiver circuit that I originally used in that particular product line.