3046 fm transmitter circuit

FM Transmitter Circuit On A Chip

fm transmitter circuit 3046 chip layout
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This is one of the first FM transmitter circuits that I engineered back in the late 80's that used an IC 3046 chip. Back then CAD software was non-existent and everything was hand drawn. The fm transmitter circuit shown below is the original, scanned drawing that I pulled from my archives.

I had originally produced this fm transmitter circuit to function and hide between the fm and vhf bands.

My chain of thought was, why troubleshoot a problem with the active components when I could just replace them all in a second by pulling and replacing the chip!

Its frequency shown based on coils L1, L2 and L3 was configured for 120 MHz. The frequency can be changed or even adjusted up or down by removing the 22pf capacitor shown at L1 and replacing it with an adjustable 4.5 to 22 pf capacitor.

Shown below is my original drawing. Enjoy, John.

fm transmitter circuit
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