Electronic Breadboarding Tips and Tricks

Electronic Breadboarding - Tips and Tricks

If I had to define The "Single Most Important Element" in the field of Electronics, it would be the electronic breadboard. It dosen't matter if you are a novice or a seasoned professional. If you dabble in any form of electronics building, you are an experimenter, work in engineering or electronic assembly and construction, you should know how to breadboard a circuit.

60 years of experience has taught me to always breadboard a circuit before I etch a circuitboard or assemble the circuit on a stripboard. The Breadboard is the Master Link between a schematic and the finished product. If it works on the Breadboard, 99.9 % of the time, it will work when you assemble it to it's final end product.

There is a lot of information on the Internet regarding to proper and - improper ways to breadboard a circuit. Some of it is good, a great deal of it is bad. For example, take a look at a few samples I found below?

Breadboard Circuit 2
Breadboard Circuit 1
Breadboard Circuit 3
You Got To Be Kidding Me?
Nope - Somebody Actually Posted These On The Internet
Now - For Some Good Breadboard Examples - Posted On The Internet and Shown Below
Excellent Breadboard
Breadboarded Circuit
Good Breadboard Sample
Breadboard Circuit from bugplan.com
Now, The Way I Breadboard
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The Breadboard Allows You To Custom Re-EngineerThe Wheel without a background in engineering and without a single iota of the complicated math involved. It is an Experimenters Tool, and used by every Professional Engineer on the planet to verify their own circuits. 


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